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Forever Jump Rope

Forever Jump Rope


Cord Material

This jump rope was designed and built to be the last one you'll ever buy.

The design, materials, and engineering are carefully considered to ensure the next generation of humans can use, repair, and enjoy what we make today. This jump rope was made for us and future generations of jump rope lovers.

The handles are machined out of solid 6061 aluminum and the leather cord is precision cut from the center of the hide for the best quality and consistency. The heavy duty PVC cord is made specifically for jump ropes with the perfect balance of weight and rope diameter. The inside edges of the handles have a precise fillet to hold the rope at a tangent as it spins around you. 

Get your jump rope engraved.

Even though the ultra durable aluminum handles will outlast you, the cords may wear out with extended use. The PVC cord will last longer than leather.  Replacing your own cord is as easy as tying a couple knots.

The jump rope comes with a 3m (10ft) cord, so you can cut it to perfectly fit your height and jump roping style. 

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Michael M.
United States United States
Are you kidding me?!? (you know the answer)

We all know images can deceive. I’ve placed enough online orders to know from sad experience. Occasionally, though, this becomes a happy experience. Purchasing this jumprope belongs securely in the latter category. Now, CW&T was (were?) a known quantity for me because I am an avid user of their Pen Type-C (one for each of my notebooks, long story). Recently, while embarking on a fitness regimen including jump roping, I noticed this listed on the cwandt site and impulse-bought it. I got it and I admit that it changed my mind about jump ropes (tho, I didn’t actually have much of an opinion before): the nylon rope with knotted ends as handles that I started with is more “jmp rop” whereas this Forever Jump Rope is a “*JUMP! ROPE!*”, forEVER! In fact, when/if I ever travel again, this will be nestled beside my toiletry bag (inside would be gross). If you are happy with using a “jmp rop” or something like it, who am I to judge? But if you are going to rope jump for the foreseeable future, I really do recommend, without reservation, this forEVER “*JUMP! ROPE!*” (For those inclined to trot out the utilitarian “it’s a jump rope, for heaven’s sake, just get a rope and jump” line, I can’t help you.)

Darren F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great! The handles are so

Great! The handles are so expertly made. I went for the leather one, which is thinner than expected but I bought them many for the handles. I can put PC cord whenever I want. Truly great