Blade Holder

Blade Holder



This project is a Prerelease.
Objective: Make a blade holder out of a single manufacturing process


Release 06/05/2019 : BH04BV22
Decreased blade tilt angle
Increased wall thickness
Adjusted chamfers
Adjusted lock detent
Changed magnet adhesive to Loctite 638
Adjust magnet detent

Release 05/29/2019 : BH04BV18
Initial Release
Production batch of 45
Sold out

This blade holder is made of a single piece of 3D printed resin. It's lightweight and super quick to draw the blade in and out. 

Three magnets lock the blade in the closed position. To slide the blade out, press down with your thumb to unlock and slide.  The blade does not lock when it is out. Use your thumb to keep it in place while cutting. Blade holder includes a 18mm Black Heavy Duty Olfa blade.